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Adoption is a legal process through which non-birth parents assume the rights of a child’s natural parents, and thereby take full and permanent responsibility for the child. Adoption terminates the birth parents’ obligations to the child. There are several types of  adoption: domestic  adoption, international  adoption, open  adoption, and closed  adoption. In an open Adoption, the birth parents may meet, and in some instances even choose the adoptive parents for their child. In closed  adoptions, there is not contact between the child’s natural parents and the new, adoptive parents of the child. Domestic adoption refers to  adoptions where parents and child are permanent residents of the United States. International adoption is a far more complex area of family law, and practically necessitates the hiring of an international adoption attorney, to aid in the  adoption of a child from a foreign country. Adoption is a major step, and the process can be quite complex. It is best approached with the help of an experienced adoption lawyer who can provide insight and guidance throughout this rewarding experience.

Adoption Legal Guide and Information

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Basics of Adoption
Introductory information on adoption, including a glossary of adoption terms and a look at parties involved in the adoption process.
Types of Adoption
The differences between the types of adoption, open versus closed, agency versus private, etc.
Brief Guide to Adoption
 A step-by-step guide to each phase of the adoption process.
Adoptive Parenting Issues
Tips for parents of adopted children, including psychological aspects of adoption
International Adoption Law
Information on adopting children from a country other than your own.
Same Sex Adoption Information
Adoption and parenting issues for gay and lesbian couples. 

Adoption Official Links

Adoption - Medline Plus
Information on how to begin an adoption, and what steps to taken.
Adoption Information
Information on types of adoption, post adoption services, and a section for prospective adoptive parents.
International Adoption - CDC
Information for adoptive parents, including medical examinations and vaccinations for internationally adopted children.
Intercountry Adoption
Adoption information on eligibility to adopt, working with an agency, who can be adopted and adoption statistics.