Asset Protection:

Asset Protection Overview

Most people have assets, which can include cars, homes, jewelry, businesses and bank accounts. Those who have accumulated a significant amount of assets may wish to protect these assets by enlisting the help of an attorney experienced in asset protection planning. The purpose of asset protection planning is to organize an individual’s assets and employ legal techniques to safeguard these assets against the risk of future creditors. The techniques utilized in asset protection planning were created to dissuade potential creditors from going after these assets or discouraging them, should they choose to take action, by making it nearly impossible for them to seize your assets or collect a judgment.

If you are interested in protecting your assets from potential creditors, fill out our free case review form on the right. Our asset protection attorneys are experienced in examining and employing legal techniques which can help protect your home, car, business or other hard-earned assets.

Lawyers, doctors, property owners, accountants and business owners all face the potential threat of uncontrolled jury awards and eager regulators. If someone files a lawsuit against you, your insurance will protect some of your losses. While asset protection cannot replace your insurance, it can act as a means to protect a portion of your wealth, in case you are hit with a large judgment that is not entirely covered.

Most individuals who need asset protection have a significant amount of wealth, are facing financial, legal or medical difficulties, or work in a profession with a high liability risk. Even if you are not included in one of these groups, you may still want to consider obtaining some degree of asset protection. For instance, if you own your own company, you most likely need some form of asset protection. To determine whether asset protection is right for you, fill out the free case review form on the right to speak with an asset protection attorney.