Employee Issue:

OSHA Guidelines and Regulations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) seeks to assure the safety and health of workers by outlining and enforcing workplace safety standards. OSHA allows employees the right to:

  • Access relevant employee exposure and medical records
  • Access copies of standards, regulations, rules and requirements that the employer should have at the workplace
  • Request the OSHA area director to perform an inspection if hazardous conditions or violations are present
  • Have their names withheld if they file a written complaint
  • Be free of any retaliation after an OSHA complaint

Employers have obligations under OSHA including:

  • Providing a safe workplace
  • Informing employees of OSHA safety and health standards
  • Displaying the official OSHA poster in a conspicuous place
  • Establishing a written communication program for safe container labeling, material safety data sheets and an employee training program
  • Informing employees of the existence, location and availability of their exposure and medical records each year and to provide these records when requested

Employee Issue: Workplace Safety