Employee Issue:

National Origin Discrimination

The Civil Rights Act of 1964, particularly Title VII, prohibits employers from discriminating against applicants or employees on the basis of national origin. Individuals cannot be denied their right to equal employment opportunity for any of the following reasons:

  • Country of birth
  • Ancestry
  • Marriage to an individual of a specific national origin
  • Association with individuals of a certain national origin
  • Culture
  • Participation in schools or places of worship typically associated with a specific national origin
  • Linguistics characteristics associated with a certain ethnicity

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English-Only Employment Policy

A company policy that requires workers to speak only English at all times may violate federal employment discrimination laws. If an employer feels that the policy is necessary for conducting a successful business, workers must be aware of when they must use English and punishment for breaking the rule. If an employer disciplines a worker for breaking the English-only employment rule, it will only be considered discriminatory if the employer never informed the worker of the policy.

Foreign Accents

Employers who deny equal employment opportunity to individuals with accents must prove that this action was non-discriminatory. An investigation would focus on the skills of the worker and whether their accent negatively affects work performance. Employers who require applicants and workers to be fluent in English may be in violation of federal law if the policy is adopted to exclude employees of a specific national origin and is not related to work performance.

Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment based on national origin violates federal law. Any physical or verbal conduct, such as an ethnic slur, based on a worker’s national origin is considered harassment if the behavior creates a hostile work environment or interferes with job performance. Under federal law, employers have a duty to keep their workplace free from harassment based on national origin. Employers can be held liable for national origin harassment by their agents and supervisory workers, even if the behavior is strictly forbidden. In some cases, the employer can be held accountable for the harassing behavior of non-employees.

If you have been discriminated against at your job because of your nation origin, you may be able to pursue a discrimination lawsuit. To find out if you have a case, fill out our free case review form on the right. A national origin discrimination attorney will evaluate your case, at no cost to you.