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The rights of employees are the subject of Employment Law, from the hiring process through termination or retirement. Employment law issues occur in every type of business and the wide range of potential problems may include:

  • Wage and benefit disputes
  • Discrimination
  • Violations of privacy
  • Harassment
  • hazardous work conditions

In order to avoid lawsuits, employers should know their responsibilities and, conversely, employees should know their rights and how to protect them. If you feel that you have been subject to a hostile workplace or have been denied your employment rights, an experienced employment attorney may be able to help.

Employee Issue Legal Guide and Information

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The Hiring Process
A detailed guide to the legal side of the Hiring Process.
Wages and Benefits
An overview of Wages and Benefits.
An overview of Discrimination and guide to avoiding it.
An overview of Harassment and guide to avoiding it.
Workplace Safety
An overview of employee rights and employer responsibility according to OSHA.
A guide to the Termination process.
Rights in the Workplace
An in-depth examination of the rights of employees in the workplace.
Types of Workplace Discrimination
An overview of the types of workplace discrimination, including age discrimination and race discrimination.

Employee Issue Attorney Videos

Detailed Employee Issue lawyer videos help you learn more about your specific situation as well as different attorneys and their practices.

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Overview on job discrimination laws, discriminatory practices, equal pay laws and charge processing procedures.