Ed Kramer Launches InjuredGo.com Law Firm

Press Release provided by Ed Kramer on April 11, 2017

LawyerCentral.com, April 11, 2017 — LOUISIANA — Attorney Ed Kramer has launched what may be one of the first law firms in the nation named using its website - InjuredGo.Com Law Firm, LLC.  "People use internet addresses as the new phone numbers" says Kramer.  "Most people don't even know telephone numbers anymore."  The Baton-Rouge, La based firm handles personal injury cases. 

Offering personal service and attention, InjuredGo.com is the product of Kramer's over 26 years of legal experience. "We are not a 'settlement mill' and prepare every case as if it will be tried" says Kramer, adding  "our research has revealed 'consumer fatigue' with all the same-old, same-old lawyer ads."

The Louisiana Bar Association advertising rules are unique, and perhaps some of the most convoluted rules in the country.  "So, instead of a 'trade name' which would involve more 'disclaimers' I named my firm after my website - InjujredGo.com." It clearly states what we do, and I am proud of the service that is given to our clients.

"We are likely to associate other lawyers, experts and professionals to achieve the best result we can for our clients" adds Kramer.  InjuredGo.com is, Kramer believes, a fantastic way for the legal consumer to get high quality legal representation, with individual attention.

Contact Ed Kramer at Ed@InjuredGo.com or (225) 933-1500 or visit www.InjuredGo.com for more information.

Ed Kramer

Ed Kramer

InjuredGo.com Law Firm, LLC

Attorney Ed Kramer is Member of InjuredGo.com Law Firm, LLC, a law firm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As a lawyer in Baton Rouge, LA, attorney Kramer serves East Baton Rouge County, as well as clients throughout Louisiana.
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