Traffic Violation:

Unlawful Vehicle Modifications

There are strict laws governing vehicle specifications and equipment. Because of this, most states have laws that make certain vehicle modifications illegal and allow the drivers of illegally modified vehicles to be ticketed. Common illegal modifications include:

  • Alteration of lighting (adding blue lights, neon lights, underbody lighting)
  • Changing or removing the vehicle’s pollution/emission control device
  • Raising or lowering the vehicle
  • Window tinting

Vehicles that are modified in an unlawful way may receive traffic tickets for mechanical violations. Some states have “fix-it” laws for this type of correctable violation. If the officer notes that the violation is correctable, the driver has a short period of time in which he/she can provide proof of repair rather than going to court. Acceptable proof of repair results in a dismissal of the charge. Acceptable proof involves getting a law enforcement office or other authorized person to sign the “Certification of Correction” portion of the traffic ticket, affirming that the illegal modification has been changed or removed. Failure to fix the violation within the specified time frame results in a fine and a ticket that will be on the driver’s record.