Traffic Violation:

Traffic School

Driving school is an option that most states have that enables drivers to eliminate a traffic ticket from their record. Typically, it is a 6-8 hour course on traffic safety. No legal argument against a ticket is a guarantee, but driving school is. The specifics vary from state to state. Some states only allow individuals to attend traffic school once every year. Some do not allow traffic school if a driver was exceeding the speed limit by 20 mph. The requirements and procedure for getting into traffic school are also not uniform. While some states require individuals to appear before a judge to get into driving school, other states allow people to sign up at the office of the county clerk. The consequences of traffic school are similarly divergent. While some states dismiss the case upon seeing proof of attendance, others require payment of both the fine and the cost of the school before the offense is cleared from your record.

Because of all of the variations in law concerning driving school, it is advisable to contact a traffic ticket attorney to find out the specifics and see if your region’s driving school requirements and benefits are suitable to your particular needs.