Traffic Violation:

Police Officer Ticket Quota

Many believe that police departments have a set quota of traffic tickets that must be given out each month (for revenue purposes), and that consequently, that many more tickets are issued at the end of each month, some of them, perhaps, not justified. While most police officers will say that quotas are not standard operating procedure in any police department, there is likely some truth behind this rumor. Often, as in most other lines of work, departments have “performance goals” or “performance standards” that officers are expected to meet. An officer returning from every shift without any stops, reports, or arrests is probably not doing his/her job and such behavior is obviously not acceptable. Standards ensure that officers are doing their jobs.

Alleging that a ticket was issued because the officer was trying a reach a quota would likely be a foolish and counter-productive action in a court. If there is a clear and provable reason why a particular ticket may not be valid or justified, it should be discussed with a traffic ticket attorney and then brought before the judge.