Traffic Violation:

New Jersey Traffic Regulations

The New Jersey Vehicle Code is outlined under Title 39 of the New Jersey Statutes. Under this section, New Jersey traffic laws concerning right of way, reckless driving, careless driving, speeding, parking and driving while intoxicated (DWI) are discussed.

By accepting a New Jersey driver’s license, you are agreeing to the implied consent law. This regulation requires you to take a breath test after an arrest for driving under the influence. If you refuse, a blood sample may be taken and you’ll be subject to even harsher penalties. First-time offenders with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) between the legal limit .08% and .10% will lose their license for three months; pay a fine between $250 and $400; and possibly serve 30 days in jail. Drivers who have a BAC of .10% or higher on their first offense will lose their license for seven months up to one year; pay a $300 to $500 fine; and possibly serve 30 days in jail.

Traffic Violation: State Laws