Traffic Violation:

Nevada Traffic Regulations

The Nevada Vehicle Code can be found under the Nevada Revised Statutes, which contains the regulations and laws for the state. Chapter 484 of the Code contains Nevada traffic laws including rules of the road, traffic signs, signals and markings, passing regulations and penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Nevada DUI law enforces the Illegal Per Se Law, which means that drivers with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at or above the legal limit (.08%) is an offense in and of itself. Implied consent law means that you must submit to chemical testing when requested by a police officer. Driving after you have been drinking or using drugs implies your consent to be tested. It is also illegal in Nevada to drive a vehicle with opened alcoholic beverage anywhere in the car.

People receiving a DUI conviction face both administrative and criminal penalties. First conviction criminal penalties include license revocation for 45 days; jail sentence between two days and six months or 96 hours of community service; a fine between $400 and $1000; DUI school; and a possible order to a substance-abuse treatment program.

Traffic Violation: State Laws