Traffic Violation:

Nebraska Traffic Regulations

The Nebraska Vehicle Code outlines procedures for obtaining your driver’s license and registering your car. It also discusses what happens when you acquire too many points on your driving record or fail to provide proof of financial responsibility. In addition, if you have received a traffic ticket, the numbers on your citation refer to the part of the code you have violated. The code outlines Nebraska traffic regulations including the state’s policies regarding seat belt use, the definition of reckless driving and the penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Nebraska DUI law states that drivers who register a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or higher are legally intoxicated. The state also has a zero tolerance policy for underage drinkers. Drivers under 21 will receive a DUI conviction if any alcohol is present in their system. Nebraska also has an implied consent law, which means by driving a vehicle on the state’s roadways you have agreed to submit to a chemical test requested by a police officer. A first DUI offense can result in seven or more days in jail, a six-month license revocation and $400 to $500 in fines.

Traffic Violation: State Laws