Traffic Violation:

Louisiana Traffic Regulations

The Louisiana Class D & E Driver’s Guide offers rules of the road that may help if you have been issued a traffic citation. These Louisiana traffic laws include information on speed law, suspension of a license, parking and driver’s license law.

Under Louisiana DUI laws, a person with a .08% or higher blood alcohol level (BAC) is considered drunk. If the driver is under 21, they can be convicted of a DUI if their blood alcohol concentration is .02% or higher. If a driver has a BAC between .05% and .07%, they can be charged with a DWI if the officer suspects alcohol was combined with other drugs.

A first DUI offense can result in suspension of driving privileges up to 90 days, up to six months in jail and fines reaching $1000. A second offense carries penalties of suspension of driving privileges up to one year, up to six months in jail and fines up to $1000.

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