Traffic Violation:

Georgia Traffic Regulations

The Georgia Vehicle Code, found under Title 40 of the State Code, establishes Georgia traffic laws. Some topics covered in the code include registration and license plates, buying and selling vehicles, driver’s licenses, traffic laws, off-road vehicles, accidents, license suspensions and traffic tickets and court.

Georgia DUI laws consider drivers with a blood alcohol level over .08% to be driving under the influence. If you refused a breath, blood or urine test in Georgia, your license may be suspended for one year. A first DUI conviction in Georgia carries fines from $300 to $1000; jail time up to 12 months; 40 hours of community service; completion of the risk reduction program; probation up to 12 months; and a one year license suspension. A second offense within five years carries fines between $600 and $1000; ninety days to 12 months in prison; 30 days community service; completion of the risk reduction program; a clinical evaluation; probation of 12 months; and a three year license suspension.

Traffic Violation: State Laws