Traffic Violation:

Deciding If You Should Fight It

Deciding Whether to Fight Your Traffic Ticket:

Study the law you are charged under: Cops do not always know the exact wording of the law, and it is the exact wording that is most important if you are going to fight your ticket. Many laws are often so confusing that it is not uncommon to find, with careful reading, that what you did was not, technically, a violation of the exact words of the law.

Consider other reasonable defenses:

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Was the officer's view of what occurred obstructed by other moving vehicles or stationary objects like trees, fences, or buildings?
  • Did the officer stop the right car?
  • Were you charged with speeding when you were driving safely, even though you were driving over the speed limit?
  • Was there an actual, provable error in the officer's approach or methodology?
  • Do any other legal defenses exist to the law you're charged with violating?

Defenses that almost NEVER work:

  • You claim you were honestly mistaken about the law.
  • You argue your violation didn't harm anybody.
  • You complain that the officer was "picking on you."
  • You tell a sympathetic story.
  • You claim that the officer is lying.