Traffic Violation:

Arkansas Traffic Regulations

The Arkansas Vehicle Code, also called Transportation Title 27, covers all kinds of traffic laws including highway construction, child passenger rules, lighting and electrical requirements, size and load regulations and driver’s education.

Under Arkansas DUI law, those driving with blood alcohol levels of .08% or more can be convicted driving while intoxicated. Over the counter medicines, prescription and illegal drugs can also affect your driving and lead to a DWI offense. Arkansas implements the Implied Consent Law, which allows a police officer to test for drugs and alcohol if he suspects use.

The first DUI arrest in Arkansas leads to a fine between $150 and $1000 and 120 days of license suspension. A second DWI offense in Arkansas will cause the convicted to lose their license for two years; a third offense for 30 months; and a fourth offense for four years.

Traffic Violation: State Laws