Traffic Violation:

Arizona Traffic Regulations

The Arizona Vehicle Code may be helpful if you are accused of a traffic violation. The most important areas of this vehicle code may include the Traffic and Vehicle Regulation chapter which include Arizona traffic laws, signs, speeding and right of way information. Chapter 5 also outlines the penalties and procedures for vehicle violations in Arizona.

Arizona DUI laws apply to those driving under the influence of any drug, alcohol or vapor releasing substance. First time DWI offenders in Arizona spend at least 10 days in jail and at least $250 in fines. The first time DUI offenders may also have to attend an education course or complete community service. Second DWI convictions in Arizona carry at least $500 in fines, loss of license for a year and at least 90 days in jail. Extreme DUI, or having a blood alcohol level of .15% or more will result in worse penalties, even on a first offense.

Arizona has adopted a zero tolerance standard for minors who drink and drive. Underage drivers who have any trace of alcohol and drugs in their system can lose their license for two years, plus face fines and possible jail time.

Arizona DWI law may require a person charged with one or more DUIs to install an ignition interlock device, which immobilizes the vehicle until a breath sample determines the driver was not drinking.

Traffic Violation: State Laws