Traffic Violation:

Alabama Traffic Regulations

The Alabama Motor Vehicle code is long, but the following are some examples of Alabama traffic laws:

  • Window tinting is illegal in Alabama, except for exceptions laid out in the Code.
  • Coasting down a hill with your car in neutral is an Alabama traffic violation.
  • Driving over a fire hose laid in the street violates Alabama traffic laws.
  • If a law enforcement officer finds an abandoned vehicle they have the authority to remove it after seven days.
  • Any city has the authority to set up motor vehicle testing facilities and collect fees for vehicle testing.

Alabama driving while intoxicated (DWI) and driving under the influence (DUI) laws make it illegal for drivers with a blood alcohol concentration level of .08% to operate a vehicle. According to Alabama DUI law, you must consent to a breath, urine or blood test. Refusal will result in a license suspension. Convictions of a first DWI or DUI offense in Alabama carry fines from $600 to $2100 and/or one year in jail, loss of license for 90 days and mandatory DUI school.

A second DUI offense in Alabama carries fines from $1100 to $5100 and/or one year in jail, 48 hours in jail or 20 days community service in addition to one year loss of license.

Traffic Violation: State Laws