Traffic Violation:

After You Pull Over

Once you have pulled over to a safe location, you want to be cautious and courteous in your interactions with the police officer. Do not start acting in a manner that would arouse the suspicion of the officer; do not grope around in the backseat or glove compartment. Unless it is very easily accessible, do not try to pull your wallet out of your back-pocket or purse. These actions will appear like those of a person going for his/her gun. It is best to act in a manner than will dispel any fears the officer may have. You should roll down your window all the way and turn off your engine. Other courtesies include turning on the interior light of the vehicle and placing your hands, in view, on the steering wheel.

In the strange event that you suspect the person that pulled you over is not a police officer, you have the right to see his/her photo identification badge. If your suspicion persists, ask that a superior officer be called to the scene or to follow the officer back to the police station.