Broden & Mickelsen Announces Texas Instruments Employee Found Not Guilty of Stealing Trade Secrets

Press Release provided by Mick Mickelsen on April 4, 2014, April 4, 2014 — TEXAS — Broden & Mickelsen, a federal and Texas criminal defense law firm, obtained a successful verdict in the case of a former Texas Instruments employee, Ellen Chen Yeh, who was found not guilty on all counts relating to allegations of theft of trade secrets from Texas Instruments.

Dallas, Texas – Criminal defense law firm Broden & Mickelsen announces that its client, Ellen Chen Yeh, was found not guilty on all counts relating to allegations of misappropriation of trade secrets from her former employer, Texas Instruments. Ms. Yeh left Texas Instruments in 2005. She was en route to a new job in China along with her family when a pre-flight search by the FBI turned up a flash drive containing multiple files and documents from Texas Instruments. The drive was seized by the FBI and Ms. Yeh continued on to China. She was charged in 2008 with three counts of knowingly stealing and misappropriating Texas Instruments’ trade secrets.

The defendant continued to reside in China until 2013, when she was flagged by an Interpol Red Notice while attempting to enter South Korea. Last summer, with defense attorney Mick Mickelsen’s help, Ellen Chen Yeh returned to the U.S. to face the outstanding charges against her. Even though the defendant returned to the United States of her own free will, she was placed under travel restrictions while awaiting trial, and was prevented from visiting her immediate family in China, even for her daughter’s birthday.

After several months of hearings, Ms. Yeh’s trial began on March 3rd, 2014. Defense attorney Mick Mickelsen argued that the defendant had kept the digital materials for anticipated future employment with Texas Instruments. After a two-week trial in front of Federal Judge Jorge Solis, Ellen Chen Yeh was found not guilty on all counts.

“This was a case of extreme misunderstanding. The defendant’s intentions were never to distribute or sell trade secrets of Texas Instruments in China,” said Mickelsen, who also credited several partners for the victory. “I wouldn’t have been able to win the case without Dan Olmos and Tom Nolan, two terrific lawyers from Palo Alto. Together we fought for the defendant and won.”

Broden & Mickelsen is a Dallas criminal defense law firm founded by Clint Broden and Mick Mickelsen. Both attorneys represent clients throughout Texas and nationwide for Federal and Texas crimes. Clint Broden and Mick Mickelsen are board certified in criminal law and criminal appeals, defending clients at all stages of trial. They have been in practice for over 20 years and are recognized by D Magazine, Super Lawyers and Avvo as Top Criminal Defense Attorneys in Dallas.

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Mick Mickelsen

Mick Mickelsen

Broden & Mickelsen

Attorney Mick Mickelsen is a Partner of Broden & Mickelsen, a law firm in Dallas, Texas. As a lawyer in Dallas, TX, attorney Mickelsen serves Dallas County, as well as clients throughout Texas.
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