Consumer Bankruptcy:

Addresses for Creditors

Because of BAPCPA, debtors filing on or after 17 October 2005 must give use an address designated by their creditors as well as their account number with creditors, on any and all notices that they are required to supply creditors. The address that the creditors designate should also be used to receive notices. It should be noted that this addressed provided frequently differs from the address to which payments are made. In the event that the creditor cannot correspond with the debtor within the 90 days before a petition is filed (for example, because the debtor has filed a “cease communication” letter), the address and account number indicated in two communications are the correct ones. Creditors are permitted to register addresses with any bankruptcy court, even one that is a considerable distance away.
In most bankruptcy cases, debtors are not required to give notices to creditors because the court clerk provides notice of filing (along with dates for meetings and other deadlines) and of additional discharges that are entered. It is important that the correct address be included on schedules and matrix, because the Bankruptcy Noticing Center that the court clerk’s office uses will not have registered addresses for all possible creditors and cannot be expected to correct all errors in spelling creditors’ names.