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Press Release provided by Robert Simonian on December 29, 2017

~~One of the biggest sources of stress on people today is juggling finances and dealing with debts.  Often people will search the internet for solutions to their money problems but this is not always a good idea.  Most of the information is very, very general and does not apply to your situation.  For example, an internet search about bankruptcy will tell you that you have to give up all of your property if you file for bankruptcy.  This simply is not true.  You only have to give up what is not protected and in almost all cases all or your property is protected such as you home, car, household goods, retirement accounts, jewelry, etc. and very rarely does anyone have to give up anything.  Another example is that bankruptcy will ruin your credit for 7 years.  Again, this simply is not true.  Anything on your credit report, whether it is good or bad is there for 7 to 10 years.  If you are late on payments or had repossession it will remain on your credit report.  Bankruptcy actually improves your credit by getting you a fresh start where you can quickly begin rebuilding your credit.  The best source of advice is to talk to a friend or family member who may have filed a bankruptcy and they will most likely tell you it was the best thing they ever did.  It is not embarrassing or humiliating and quickly allows them a financial fresh start or reset.  Lastly, before spending any money at all on a “credit consolidation service” please do your homework.  If it is too good to be true it probably is.  They make all kinds of promises and typically people find that 6 to 9 months later all of the money they sent was used for this fee, that fee, etc. and their bill are not getting paid and if they are negotiated you are not told about the tax consequences and that you may owe the IRS money.  As a general rule you should not do business with someone unless you can sit down and speak with them face to face.  A consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney will not cost you anything to explore your options.  We always invite anyone to ask about our reputation in the community and with other attorneys.  We have become the local and trusted name in bankruptcy.
Robert Simonian

Robert Simonian

Bucacci & Simonian

Attorney Robert Simonian is a Owner of Bucacci & Simonian, a law firm in Fall River, Massachusetts. As a lawyer in Fall River, MA, attorney Simonian serves Bristol County, as well as clients throughout Massachusetts.
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