The Lawyer Every Startup Must Have

Press Release provided by Kathy Hyneman Hyneman on March 17, 2017

KHNETIC Legal is the law firm that startups need on their side.  We are highly experienced with the issues faced by startups, having served as General Counsel of a corporate venture capital arm.  Most of our legal services are provided on a flat fee basis, so our clients can budget for legal fees.  We have moved the practice of law into the 21st century and communicate with our clients through an online portal.  The client portal also permits our clients to easily access their documents and pay by credit card.  KHNETIC Legal will work with you to grow your business. Our priority is our clients and this is proven by our excellent service and timely responsiveness to our clients.
Kathy Hyneman Hyneman

Kathy Hyneman Hyneman

KHNETIC Legal Counsel

Attorney Kathy Hyneman Hyneman is Member of KHNETIC Legal Counsel, a law firm in Exton, Pennsylvania. As a lawyer in Exton, PA, attorney Hyneman serves Chester County, as well as clients throughout Pennsylvania.
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