McCormack Intellectual Property PS and Founding Attorney Now Represent the Gallery Stock Photo Agency

Press Release provided by Timothy B McCormack on August 6, 2012, August 6, 2012 — WASHINGTON — McCormack Intellectual Property PS and its founder, attorney Timothy B. McCormack, are proud to add to their list of exclusive clients the global Gallery Stock photo agency.

Gallery Stock ( is a premium, global image syndication library, showcasing the world's leading commercial and museum photographers - many of whom have never before been represented by a stock agency.

The Gallery Stock library also offers images by gifted emerging artists and unique partner collections.  The concept is simple: to license only the highest-quality photography to premium customers.  Gallery Stock connects art buyers, photo editors, art directors, and designers with the photographers they know by name from the fine art world and the commercial assignment industry.

“We could not be more excited to be representing Gallery Stock; we, like Gallery Stock, take unauthorized use of copyrights very seriously.  This is as it should be.  Photography is their business and enforcing them is ours.  By systematically and consistently pursuing unauthorized use of copyrighted images we help artists and photographers and the companies that represent them to monetize the unauthorized use and educate the public about copyrights,” said Attorney Timothy B. McCormack who also represents company’s like Getty Images and Pic Scout – both world leaders in the digital image markets.

The McCormack copyright experience is attracting attention worldwide.  This representation shows growing industry recognition that systematically enforcing copyrights is a good idea.  Although there are some people that believe the Internet is a lawless cauldron of theft and piracy, most reasonable people these days understand that if they steal a picture, a photographer or artist goes without. 

“Photographers need to put gas in their cars just like we do.  In a down economy we are actually starting to see less of the “Greed is Good” and much less of the, “TAKE; STEAL; TAKE” like we did a few years back.  I think in a down economy people have more empathy toward the hard work other people, like themselves, are doing.”  We hope to help Gallery Stock and its photographers in just this way. 

Being selected by Gallery Stock to help them enforce their copyrights is an honor and testament to the team at McCormack Intellectual Property PS. 

The McCormack firm has been developing a new system they call COPS – the Copyright Offender Policing System which will have a positive impact on helping artist and photographers – some of whom dedicate their lives, without much hope of great reward, to the art of finding beauty and sharing it with the world to inspire life and love and living. 

McCormack Intellectual Property PS is a Seattle law firm founded by Timothy B. McCormack, attorney at law.  Together the firm represents, among others, Gallery Stock and Getty Images some of the world’s most amazing providers of stock images, and other companies in matters relating to enforcement of copyrights. 

Attorney Timothy McCormack is a member of the national attorney network on

Timothy B McCormack

Timothy B McCormack

McCormack Intellectual Property Law Business Law, PS

Attorney Timothy McCormack is a Member of McCormack Intellectual Property Law Business Law, PS, a law firm in Seattle, Washington. As a lawyer in Seattle, WA, attorney McCormack serves King County, as well as clients throughout Washington.
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