Can a Lender Revive a Debt from 19 years ago?

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Tom2653412 05-23-2014 @ 11:40 PM                          
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Hello, I wonder if you could kindly help me.  I live in California.

I bought a 1989 Nissan pickup truck in 1990.  Since my credit was bad, I was charged 14 percent interest by the lender. My payments back then were $328 per month.

In May 1995, I had made all the payments except the last one. Since the lender did not bother me for the last payment, I never made the last payment.

I now want to sell the car but the lender is listed on the registration as the lienholder.
I believe the Blue Book price of the car is only $300. (It has over 230,000 miles on it). I have found someone who is willing to buy the car for $300, and I desperately want to sell the vehicle since it is costing me a fortune in repairs.  

If I contact the lender to see if the lender would accept something like around $100 or so to release the lien, and if the lender refused to do so, would my entering negotiations with the lender revive or reactivate the debt, and allow the lender to put it on my credit report?

I’m particularly concerned since I fear that the lender may ask not only for the original $328 but also for interest and penalties for the last 19 years.

I would greatly appreciate hearing your thoughts and advice.

Thank you very much for your time, attention and kind assistance.


adam0702 12-14-2016 @ 1:49 AM                          
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wondergirl 02-02-2017 @ 2:28 AM                          
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I had an extremely old charge card obligation. It was charged off in November 2007, very nearly 8 years back. I was as of late reached about it from an accumulation organization ] . I made a $200 installment. They need me to make $100 installments month to month for 13 months. I just work low maintenance at this moment so cash is tight and they won t let me put off the following installment saying they will charge me a $400 late expense or can prosecute me. I looked on the web and found that the statute of impediment to gather passed. I wish I had known this before I ever constructed an installment. Do I need to continue paying at this point? Did I resuscitate the statute of restrictions? Could they truly sue me in the event that I wear t pay?

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wondergirl 02-02-2017 @ 2:29 AM                          
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julliajefferson 03-07-2017 @ 8:47 AM                          
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