We met with an accident

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alisaa 06-19-2017 @ 2:57 AM                          
Joined: Jun 2017
Hi all,

Me and my husband were returning from a dinner a few days ago. We were coming in a taxi when we were hit by another car. The three of us had been badly injured. Luckily, I was the least injured one. Even my hubby has sustained some bruises and fractures.
But it was extremely major and the driver had to be cut from the car. He is still in the intensive care. He doesn’t have any family to support him financially.
His car is also completely damaged.

It has been a devastating experience for us and we want to sue the other driver who hit us, for reckless driving.
So we have been thinking of hiring a personal injury law firm in Toronto.
What are the steps we need to take now? Will the driver also get compensation along with us? And what about the insurance claims? We really have no prior experience in dealing with lawyers. Please guide us.

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