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david92 02-13-2017 @ 1:24 AM                          
Joined: Feb 2017
Hi all, A few days back I read something about accident injuries from here https://campisilaw.ca/car-accident-lawyers/. I guess it is very hard to get accident injury claims. In some cases, insurance companies will try to deny the claim. I have one question related to this. What happens if the insurance company says I caused the accident, even though I didn’t? What can we do then?

attkissonlawfir 03-20-2017 @ 3:51 AM                          
Joined: Mar 2017
There is no other option but consulting a lawyer and do the legal procedure as per requirement. In the event that this happens, the experienced attorneys know how to counter those claims.

adamchrly 04-11-2017 @ 6:40 AM                          
Joined: Apr 2017
It is easy to claim accidents, what all matters is do you have a better Personal injury attorney to defend you in all aspects which the case favors you and should maintain all legal papers with strong evidences which is a easy process to claim.

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