Entering Canada after being convicted of a DWI

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Craig199 12-15-2016 @ 6:13 AM                          
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I was convicted of DWI and had done my term in rehab. It's been 5 years since I am out. So, now, I have got a better work contract in Vancouver, Canada and I have my friends there. I ned a change from my current residence and I am planning to work in Vancouver for the contract period of 3 years.  

I know that once convicted of a DWI then I will have to go through several processes to be able to enter Canada. I read that once you are free without any record after 5 years, your record will be waivered. http://www.pardoncanada.com/travel-to-canada/can-you-go-to-canada-with-a-dui-entry/ In that case, do I have to inform the immigration about my record?

Please share what steps I have to take in this case.

Thank you.

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rihana10 02-09-2017 @ 5:18 AM                          
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Canada may not allow persons with DUI  (driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol) convictions to enter their country. A Canadian immigration officer will decide if you can enter Canada when you apply for a visa, an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), or upon your arrival at a port of entry.
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Walshe_74 04-12-2017 @ 6:18 AM                          
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Now as it generally depends on immigration officer, theoretically you can enter. I know one of my friends who could enter Canada after DUI but he consulted with a top Los Angeles DUI attorney before doing his paperwork, so quite not sure what all transpired between them.

alisaa 06-19-2017 @ 1:37 AM                          
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I think it would be best for you to find an attorney. They will be able to provide you with more information regarding this.

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