Family Law Firm with Client-Centered Approach Opens in North Raleigh

Press Release provided by Rebecca Nelson on October 8, 2016, October 8, 2016 — NORTH CAROLINA — Rebecca Nelson and Suzanne Nelson have a combined twenty-two years of legal experience, and they focus their practice exclusively on family law.  Suzanne is also a seasoned and well-respected criminal defense attorney, but she presently only handles criminal defense and domestic violence cases for existing family law clients.  Both women grew up in divorced families, and this motivated them both to assist their clients during this difficult time in their lives. 

Rebecca was a bureaucrat prior to law school, and while the excitement of the courtroom lured her away, she has held fast to her belief that creative problem-solving and thinking outside of the box is the best way to end conflict.  Rebecca managed a solo practice and also practiced with the largest divorce firm in the country.  She uses this diverse experience to tailor her approach to each client’s individual needs.  She partnered with Suzanne out of a desire to improve legal services from the client’s perspective.  She firmly believes that satisfied clients are those who feel heard and that happy clients make businesses successful. 

Nelson Family Law traded the high overhead of the firms of the past for a minimalist approach to the brick and mortar office.  “Brick and mortar offices with shelves full of law books are things of the past,” says Rebecca.  Once she found outdated law books collecting dust, she donated them to a non-profit and went virtual.  She further explains, “Our clients find our accommodations quite modern and comfortable, and our response time unprecedented.  All of this at 1/10 of the overhead of traditional firms our size.”  Rebecca is proud to be able to pass those savings along to the clients. 

Suzanne is the perfect balance to Rebecca.  Sometimes described as “all business,” Suzanne likes to be in the courtroom all day every day.  Suzanne is the litigation partner at Nelson Family Law, and she prides herself in being well-rooted in the community.  “The facts and the law should win a case.  However, I have seen a lawyer with a poor reputation lose a good case more times than their collective clients deserve,” says Suzanne.  If you ask other lawyers, former clients, and folks around the courthouse about Suzanne, they will usually describe her as meticulous, professional, and a zealous advocate for her clients.  Suzanne is also very effective at mediation and negotiation, where most cases are resolved.    

Rebecca Nelson

Rebecca Nelson

Nelson Family Law

Attorney Rebecca Nelson is a Partner of Nelson Family Law, a law firm in Raleigh, North Carolina. As a lawyer in Raleigh, NC, attorney Nelson serves Wake County, as well as clients throughout North Carolina.
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