Changes To Record Expungement Eligibility Coming November 1st, 2014

Press Release provided by James W Todd on October 12, 2014, October 12, 2014 — OKLAHOMA — Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Effective November 1, 2014 changes to Oklahoma Statutes, Title 22 Section 991, will go into effect. The new changes to the expungement statute will allow some defendants who were not previously eligible for expunction and sealing of their criminal records to become eligible.

In addition, the time frames that defendants previously had to sit out in order to become eligible to expunge their records will be shortened in many cases.

The Todd Law Office and Oklahoma attorney James W. Todd are notifying defendants of their new eligibility and are available to assist you in the sealing of your criminal and arrest records.

There are two different levels of record expungement available in Oklahoma. The coming changes to Oklahoma Statutes, Title 22, Section 991 will allow many defendants who previously received deferred sentences after their arrest to seek dismissal and expungement of their court and prosecution records sooner than they previously could have.

The coming changes to Oklahoma Statutes, Title 22, Section 18 will allow many defendants who previously were not eligible, or would have been forced to wait for several years for expungement of their arrest and law enforcement records to be eligible for sealing of their arrest records.

If you believe you may be eligible, or if you would like to check your eligibility to have your arrest records and/or your court and prosecution records in your criminal case sealed or expunged, contact the Todd Law Office in Oklahoma City.

James W Todd

James W Todd

James W Todd, PLLC

Attorney James Todd is an Attorney of James W Todd, PLLC, a law firm in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. As a lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK, attorney Todd serves Oklahoma County, as well as clients throughout Oklahoma.
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