About Us

At Lawyer Central, our mission is to provide an easy-to-use way for people to find local attorneys who can help with their legal matter.

Many of the legal directories available online provide complicated search tools and profiles which can be overwhelming for the user. At Lawyer Central, we understand that you need legal help and you need it now. To help address these concerns, we have provided a simple search tool, which will yield results clearly outlining attorneys in your area who can help you, and providing a number of ways to get in touch with them. While we understand that deciding on an attorney is not an easy decision, finding local and capable legal assistance should be anything but difficult. We also provide lawyers with easy to use tools and techniques to better serve the potential clients that seek them out.

Lawyer Central empowers consumers by providing the ability to choose an experienced, local attorney who can assist in resolving their legal matters. Lawyer Central attorney profiles include useful information such as practice areas, bar admissions, education and contact information, as well as a link to contact the attorney directly. Because we want our visitors to make informed decisions before selecting legal representation, we also provide the option to first research a legal issue or ask a question.

How We Started

Lawyer Central was founded in 2008 by Carl Jaeckel, a lawyer with years of experience working with technology and online marketing.

In the beginning, Lawyer Central had only a hand full of lawyers. As time passed, consumer use of the site grew and more and more lawyers joined. Today, Lawyer Central has thousands of registered lawyers using the site and more joining every day.

In 2012, Mr. Jaeckel wanted to elevate the site to another level and build something beyond a traditional legal directory. He wanted to not only help consumers connect with lawyers, but also help lawyers work together to grow their online presence and improve the way they practice law. He needed a partner that understood what it takes to build an incredibly successful law firm.

One person immediately came to mind. He approached his friend, attorney John Morgan. Mr. Morgan is universally recognized as the one of the foremost authorities on building a successful law firm. He is a successful lawyer, entrepreneur and marketing guru.

For years, John has shared his secrets at seminars across America and published his proven methods, philosophy and techniques in his book, "You Can't Teach Hungry."

The partnership of Mr. Morgan and Mr. Jaeckel has brought forth a platform that allows Mr. Morgan´┐Żs proven techniques to be implemented online through Lawyer Central and leveraged to help consumers find a lawyer and to help lawyers grow their practices.