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Caleb S Lihn
Caleb S Lihn Thies, Lihn & Simpson, PLLC
Phoenix, AZ 85013
N. Rosenblum
N. Rosenblum Rosenblum, Schwartz, Rogers & Glass, P.C.
Saint Louis, MO 63105
Rick Flores
Rick Flores Minton, Burton, Bassett and Collins
Austin, TX 78701
Alan Brown
Alan Brown Law Offices of Brown & Norton
San Antonio, TX 78205
Bradley Groene
Bradley Groene Luftman Heck & Associates, LLP
Columbus, OH 43215

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Law Offices of Staurt DiMartini

Law Offices of Staurt DiMartini — NEW YORK —, January 29, 2015

Product liability trial lawyers are reviewing claims against the manufacturers of power morcellators due to a failure to warn that the device may cause the spread of unsuspected uterine sarcoma.

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Joseph Benson

Joseph Benson — NEVADA —, January 9, 2015

As we await the final year-end numbers for traffic accidents and injuries in Las Vegas, we continue to marvel at the consistent and impressive decline in these numbers through 2014.

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Drug Charges

My boyfriend and I were pulled over for a tail light being out. He told me as the officer was walking up that he had marijuana in a tin box that was in the dashboard. I freaked out and grabbed it to hide it, but the officer saw me and asked me what I…

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Disability Insurance Benefits, SSI, and SSDI

I am considering a rental application from someone whose sole income is SSDI. This person claims to have full, court-ordered, legal custody of the children, and currently receives benifits for them as dependents. However, if this person takes the…

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Drug Charges

My boyfriend had dropped me off at a friend's house and went to the library to use their WiFi. He called me and said he had a dead battery, so my friend took me to him. After not being able to jump it off, we had to call a tow truck. While attempting…