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Norman Hoppenstein
Norman Hoppenstein Hoppenstein Law Firm
Dallas, TX 75254
Richard O'Dea
White Bear Lake, MN 55127
Greg Sarkisyan
Greg Sarkisyan Community Law Firm, PLLC
Seattle, WA 98104
Kevin Rowe
Kevin Rowe Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Scot Wisler
Scot Wisler George Sink, P.A. Injury Lawyers
Charleston, SC 29406

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Michelle Merson

Michelle Merson — FLORIDA —, February 1, 2016

List of DUI law reminders. 

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Steve P Hassid

Steve P Hassid — CALIFORNIA —, January 15, 2016

12/07/2015: PLG assisted firm clients in registering 7 U.S. Trademarks and assisted three clients in the issuance of their 3 serparate U.S. Patents.

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Other Real Estate Law Issues

I was shown an apartment by a broker who made me sign a "Fee disclosure" form before entering the apartment. The form states that I must pay them a fee if I rent the apartment. The next day, I saw the same listing online and see that the listing…

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Criminal Charges

to whomever may read this, my brother only has 5 weeks left, after 18 years, to put together a brief or he will never get out of prison. he has sent some information to me, but me and our sister have truly become his only hope and neither one of…

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Drug Charges

My brother has been caught by the Canadian cops and been suspected for using marijuana illegally. He was using marijuana just for the medical purpose. And now has been put in jail. I want to save him from this case. I already told this to one of my…