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Benjamin Migdal
Benjamin Migdal The Law Office of Benjamin D. Migdal
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
John Hawkin
John Hawkin The Hawkins Law Firm
Moore, SC 29369
Brian Prucker
Brian Prucker American Legal Services, LLC
Vernon, CT 06066
Peter Singh Jr.
Peter Singh Jr. Winslett Studnicky McCormick & Bomser LLP
New York, NY 10016
Eva Kogut
Eva Kogut Kogut & Wilson, L.L.C.
Chicago, IL 60601

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Anna Patterson

Anna Patterson — TEXAS —, January 3, 2017

Patterson Law Group has four "Top Attorneys" as named by Fort Worth, Texas Magazine

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William Head

William Head — GEORGIA —, December 26, 2016

For the second time in five years, Best Lawyers in America has named Atlanta DUI Lawyer William C. "Bubba" Head the Best DUI Attorney Atlanta.

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Personal Injury Law

Hello Everyone, Legal terms can be complicated to the layman. For example, almost everyone uses the terms assault and battery interchangeably, even though they are separate torts with dissimilar elements and injuries. When individuals talk about…

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Business Bankruptcy

I am a US Navy Veteran with over 9 years of service in the United States Navy. I used both my VA Post 9/11 GI Bill, and Vocational Rehab benefits to attend the school. I received my Associate‚Äôs Degree in Network Systems Administration in June 2015,…

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Car and Vehicle Accident Injury Law

My wife was rear ended by an Acitive Duty Navy Officer about 6 weeks ago. State is Virginia, their insurance is USAA, ours Geico. My wifes car was then pushed into the car in front. The driver didn't want to call the police, but my wife did. …